In her dreamlike eyes

In her dreamlike eyes, I was imprisoned, –
since the day I beheld her, – and the amber aura
of her long fixedly captivating gazes
entangled my dreams – my life with hers.
Oh! The marvelous view she was, – and her
peaceful-calm delicacy, and such exquisiteness –
without vanity. She was cherry blossoms –
in spring, and the warmth in my heart
in a freezing wintery morning; – she was
my long-awaited summer rain, – and
the nostalgic fragrance in the autumn breeze.
Inexplicably – she was the conjurer of my heart,
I inhaled her beauty and damned myself
in her love for eternity…

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2019
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Love, Life & Nature

Haiku Poems

Silent surroundings,
Amidst — a long lone night here.
Tick-tock, clock ticking…

Our love fights to stay,
In our summer sweat fragrance.
Destructive winter…

Delicate flower —
her petals cloaked in thunder.
Mischievous creatures…

Years have flown away,
Eyes are concealed from seeing,
Night ahead is brief.

One lonely flower
Blooms up on the mountaintop,
Crescent moon — friendly…

One rainy evening,
eyes welled-up with tears and I
waved, one last goodbye…

For that brief moment,
when the rain crawled down your cheeks,
O’ long dreamt closeness…

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2019


Her memories,
affectionate touches,
her love – grew deep within my bones,
as for now, she blooms like flowers,
growing on my skin like an age-old art of nature,
like a mountain brook, she flows through my veins.
I don’t feel the need for magnificent city lights,
sidewalks, or a mountain view apartment,
I have her in me –
she has become an entire civilization
breathing in my flesh and bones
– unknowingly…

Kazi Mustakim
Copyright Protected © 2019

Solitude of a man…

In silence – I have listened to the music of crickets,
stars whispering from behind the tiptoeing curtains
of clouds, – the silver lining moonbeams were more
familiar to me than human faces I am surrounded by,
and my heart beats with the pulse of mother nature.
Beneath the swarming of stars at night I have learned
how beautiful the solitude of a man can be, and I have
known – the language of the universe in loneliness,
in my solitary confinement…

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2019

Her intoxicating fragrance

I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance
of her sweating skin, and it felt like
opium has drained through my veins,
she felt like a drowsy numbness
crawling under my skin, –
anesthetized my body and soul,
when I kissed her wine-stained lips,
for me she tasted far superior to vintage wine…

Kazi Mustakim
Copyright Protected © 2019

The simple act of her caring

The simple act of her caring,
a love – plain yet unheard-of,
long-fixedly gazes, self-effacing,
mixed with her captivating shy,
I remember –
upon her Café au lait skin
the sunlight frisking and portraying
perfect shades along with the shadow
of her swaying hair.
O! her playful long ivory arms,
while walking side by side
her fingers mischievously touching,
sometimes entwining mine with hers.
Her merry laughter
I remember how it used to create
an endless ripple upon the surface
of the ocean in my heart.
I live with her memories now,
she loved me
and destroyed me…

Kazi Mustakim
Copyright Protected © 2019