Her body was like a harp

Her body was like a harp,
melodious in all shapes and forms,
when my fingers found her invisible strings,
with every single touch –
a divine unearthly symphony she played;
upon her each note I traveled to the moon,
to the sun and the stars, to faraway galaxies,
but when I finally returned to my very own self,
I found my nervous system wrecked completely,
she has devoured my wholeness,
my existence is knelt before her,
and my heart, under my goddess’ feet…

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020

Solitude of a man…

In silence – I have listened to the music of crickets,
stars whispering from behind the tiptoeing curtains
of clouds, – the silver lining moonbeams were more
familiar to me than human faces I am surrounded by,
and my heart beats with the pulse of mother nature.
Beneath the swarming of stars at night I have learned
how beautiful the solitude of a man can be, and I have
known – the language of the universe in loneliness,
in my solitary confinement…

Photocredit: pxhere.COM

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2019

Let Me Surrender My Soul

Come my love –
let’s take a ride to our memories
that were once the reasons for your smile.
Let’s open the enveloped past
those — years of dust couldn’t fade away.
Let’s set our desires afire.
Let me surrender my soul
to the succor
of your ivory arms…

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020

Her delicate gestures

Her delicate gestures
accentuate a rhythm divine within me,
where my soul dances upon
its musical notes…

Photo by Daria Rem from Pexels

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020

Your flame my love

I sense a slow-ish burn –
without the influence of your soft touches,
and your fingers mapping my skin.
The flavor of your fire –
electrifies me
and your flame my love,
ignites my heart and soul.

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020