Eyes Filled With Disguised Faces

Photocredit: Photographer_Dids_@pexels.COM
This photo is specially chosen for this poem thinking how we have become so like mannequins, – faceless, fakesmile, centerless & cold hearted…

Eyes filled with disguised faces,
white teeth smiles everywhere,
only the fake my heart traces.

I witness —
how a day burns down to night,
and under chilling night sky
my soul often utters immortal phrases.

At dead night —
I hear from somewhere a wild wolf howls,
screaming bronze-throat
and underlying dust of bones.

Unknown fears horrid my senses,
around me I hear the lost wind moans,
seeking answers –
every now and then,
on pages tonight,
writing some nameless poems.

Kazi Mustakim
Copyright Protected © 2018

You Set Me Afire

Photo Source: Pinterest

In your eyes my sweet love,
the crimson twilight looms
a delightful night,
your lips — taste so bright,
effulgence, in your delicate moves
and I trace every step you take,
in each — your poise;
silhouette of your curvy shape
through transparent fabric
burns me,
and you my girl,
you set me afire.

Kazi Mustakim
Copyright Protected © 2020

The Cracks of Her Sparkling Eyes

Seeing an unfathomable darkness
from the cracks of her sparkling eyes,
he dove in and there he met her scarred –
vulnerable self and the beauty of her
broken heart which he was completely
unaware of, and he couldn’t restrain himself
from falling in love –
for the art of scars
she carried beneath her skin.

photocredit & Source: Lisa Fotios_Pexels.COM

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020

You My True Home

I, like the sun
shall depart in the depth of horizon,
fear not the night my love,
as it is the queendom of her majestic delight,
bathe your soul with the silvery rays,
let the whispering stars be your muse,
until I return from the east,
like a splendor, to rule
your newborn heavenly blue sky;
fear not my beloved,
I shall return to your core
as the rain finds a way back to the earth
or the river kisses the ocean,
and I, to you, my true home.

Photosource: pxhere.COM_Free Image

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020

Her Insecurities

I fell in love with the way
silvery rays of the moon danced
upon her delicate – naked skin!
How wonderful it was to witness
the celestial matters traveling
through each curve of her body,
softly kissing the line of her bare
shoulder, – slowly invading her
secret-sacred places, — when
all her fears, nightmares, and
her insecurities cocooned inside
the warmth of my wrapping arms
safely – peacefully…

Photosource: Deviantart

Kazi Mustakim | Copyright Protected © 2020